Kubota M7-1 and M7-2 Series 3.5% p.a Interest Rate



Terms and Conditions

  • Term 36 months at 3.5% p.a interest rate
  • Term 48 months at 4.5% p.a interest rate
  • Term 60 months at 5.5% p.a interest rate
  • Term 72 months at 5.75% p.a interest rate
  • Repayment frequency monthly
  • Minimum deposit 20%
  • Minimum financed amount $4,000
  • Credit criteria, terms and conditions apply
  • Offer expires 28/02/2023

Eligible Models

M7-1 : M7131,M7131C, M7131P, M7131PK, M 7131PKS, M7131PKSF, M7131PS, M7131S, M7151, M7151C, M7151P, M7151PK, M7151PKS, M7151PKSF, M7151PS, M7151S, M7171, M7171C, M7171P, M7171PK, M7171PKS, M7171PKSF, M7171PS, M7171S

M7-2: M7132-60, M7132-55, M7132-LB, M7132S-60, M7132S-55, M7132S-LB, M7152-60, M7152-55, M7152-LB, M7152S-60, M7152S-55, M7152S-LB, M7172-60, M7172-55, M7172-LB, M7172S-60, M7172S-55, M7172S-LB, M7132PS-10, M7132PS-MB, M7152PS-10, M7152PS-MB, M7172PS-10, M7172PS-MB, M7132PKS-10, M7132PKS-MB, M7152PKS-10, M7152PKSF-10, M7152PKS-MB, M7172PKS-10, M7172PKS-MB



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